Our 5 Steps Process

How we build a good website for your business


Simply fill up few forms and we are good to go!


Whatever you see, is going to be a reflection of your brand


We will make sure your landing page conveys the right message

1. Schedule aN Appointment

If you interested with getting a website with us, we will schedule an appointment with your team to go through your business needs

  • Understand your current sales process
  • Identify your sticking points & messaging issues
  • Choose the objective of the webpage
  • Agree on the fee
Once you agreed, we then move to the next stage.


Then, using the informations you provide, we’ll start sketching a wireframe for each page of your website. Our extraction process allows us to get all the necessary content for your business. Without you having to hire a copywriter

This is what we’ve found to be what sets our clients apart from their competition – and is our sweet spot.

3. Development of Pages

Once the sketch is agreed, you will sign a development kickoff contract. 

We’ll then start developing each page, starting with the homepage. This process usually takes somewhere from 2 Weeks up to 2 Months, depending on the breadth of the project.

4. Optimisation

Once the basic framework is completed. We go through with you to see what areas can be improved. Here we make sure:

  • Lead generators are delivered
  • Google Analytics are Installed and are working
  • Security & Firewall are top notch
  • Autoresponders are triggered properly
  • All forms, links and plugins work properly.
  • Ensure your site is setup for SEO success.

5. LAUNCH & Start driving traffic

By “launching your site”, we don’t just mean making it LIVE.

We’ll sit down with you to understand how you can best shout to the public to start getting traffic to generate leads.

Then every end of quarter, we will sit down with you to review your funnel performance and how we can improve it.

Ready To Get A Website?

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