How we build your website

Here’s why getting a website with us would be the wisest choice ever


Simply fill up few forms and we are good to go!


Whatever you see, is going to be a reflection of your brand


We will make sure your website convey the right message

1. Brand Extraction

Before we start building your website, we’ll go through our storybrand process . From this, you will be able to : 

  • Understand your brand message
  • Draft out a marketing strategy that
    will help you stand out from your competitors 
  • How to create a good offer to attract customers
  • Understand how your website will play an integral part
    in this mission


Then, using the informations you provide, we’ll start sketching a wireframe for each page of your site, expressing your unique essence and authentic expression through every word and image.

This is what we’ve found to be what sets our clients apart from their competition – and is our sweet spot.

3. Development

Once the sketch is agreed, we’ll develop each page, starting with the homepage and create revisions based on your feedback (up to 3 revisions per page). We’ll finalize it when we’re both happy with the end result.

(Because of our Brand Extraction process, which ensures we get you – and your vision – on a deep level, we usually get things right within the first 2 tries.)


This is the step where we ensure:

  • Your site is secure.
  • Your site looks good on all devices and browsers.
  • All forms, links and plugins work properly.
  • Ensure your site is setup for SEO success.
  • All videos, images and media are embedded, optimized (for page speed) and loading properly.
  • Information about your site and your site visitors’ behavior are being gathered properly (which you can analyse later and use as basis for important business and marketing decisions.)
  • Easy to manage.
  • Your custom design is built with a WordPress Drag and Drop editor so you get the best of both worlds: a completely custom design that you can actually maintain and update.
    and much much more.


By “launching your site”, we don’t just mean making it LIVE.

We’ll create a lead generator for your website that you can use to attract leads. Depending on your needs, we will then help you run traffic to the site to understand how well the lead generator is performing. If the lead generator is not performing, we will revise it till we start seeing sign ups! 

Also, as part of this, we ask you to fill out your Experience Enhancer form. Your feedback helps us ensure we improve our processes (and the customer experience) even more.

We “hand over the keys” to your site along with easy to follow video tutorials on how to edit the content using the built-in drag-and-drop functionality. This lets you edit your site’s content without knowing a lick of code!

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