Having a website is no longer enough. You need more than that

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If you are in business, chances are you already have a website.

You know the importance of it and hence you decided to build a website for your business.

So you hired a developer and told them about this.

A month later, they presented to you with the completed website and you are in awe on how beautiful your new site is.

Every day, you refresh your website, just to remind yourself of how good of a developer that you’ve hired.

Just that, there is a problem…

You don’t know how to get customers from the new website…

You start running Facebook ads to your homepage to see whether people will convert


You hire some guys to run Google Ad to your page

Still, Nothing happens…

Nobody calls your office or fills up your form….

If that’s you,don’t worry…

This article will help you turn things around. 

You will now know what to do in order to get customers to your website


So what is this one thing that you need to start getting more customers online to your website?

You need an offer..Yes, a good one

It’s something that you can give to you visitors that can convert them into a prospect

Take a look at a “Traditional Website Homepage” versus a “High Converting Website”.

Traditional Website
Picture 1: How most website would look
High Converting Landing Homepage
Picture 2: High Converting Homepage

See any difference? The High Converting Website has clear offer where they are offering “90% Discount for first time users”

The page also have:

  • Clear offer/benefit statement
  • Call to action buttons that are very clear

And here’s why it works these days:

  • People’s attention span is limited. Because of our need for instant gratification these days, you need to convince them to stay longer on your site and you do that via a high converting landing page. Normal homepage won’t cut it

What can you do to improve your website?

Download our ebook below and head to chapter 3. There, I explain to you how you can write a good offer that makes your audience wants to click and become a lead for your business!

Hope this helps!


Fitri Joroji

Fitri Joroji

"It doesn't take long for us to realise that the guys holding the microphone aren't necessarily are the guys that are really capable of delivering good products and services. My mission at Website Artisan is to help the good guys like you get hold of the microphone and really make a dent in the world"

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