23 strategies to help you establish credibility and convince your web visitors to click your offer

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topics Covered


How website plays an important goal in business growth

Website 101

What to include on each section of your website to convert


Words to use to catch user's attention get them to scroll more


How to position your website as a credible solution provider

Author's Note

Most businesses are underutilizing the real potential of their website. They do not see how a website can help scale their business. This book aims to shed light on ways you can really make use of your website and turn it into your business greatest asset. You will be glad that you read this book!

Fitri Joroji

Readers say

I didn’t realise how shallow was I thinking before I read this book! Fitri does a great job explaining how you can really build a great perception of your business just from having a well-built website. A must read for all business owner out there who are struggling with getting customers online!

Roshan Sekhar


Value!!! I wish more of this knowledge was conveyed out there. These knowledge truly sets this company apart from other regular website developer. They know what they are doing and this book is a proof of that! Go read it!