Site Audit: How to write a CLEAR offer that people click

When visitors land on your site. You have less than 5 seconds to get their attention before they exit your site. In this posting, we’ll go through a website and audit how we can create a compelling offer

In this posting, we audited a local website to show how they can write a clear offer on their homepage.

At Website Artisan, we understood the power of messaging. 

and how it can be a differentiator between you and your competitor. 

Often times, we find ourselves writing or explaining our business from our point of view. We make mistakes like:

  • Writing features instead of benefit
  • Not explaining our offering on our homepage
  • Using complex jargon instead that our layman terms 

and to name a few. 

In this video above, you’ll see how we turn this website around by writing a clear offer that allows visitors to understand the business easily.

If you have a website and are struggling with your messaging, request a FREE site audit we’ll go through your website. 

Mindset Shift: How to have a website that grows your business!

Most people think that their website is just a one time thing. I hire a developer, but a simple website and there you go!

You’re wrong. A great website is a long term project that allow the business to scale

If you want more out of your website, you should adopt this way of thinking

If you think your website is a one time project, you are not going to go far.

Most business owners that I met have the mentality that since everyone is online, therefore I need a website!

So they go out and ask their friends for recommendations and before long, they got someone to build the website. 

The developer quoted them, they agreed. And off the development go!

After about a month, the developer handed over the website and that’s the last time they hear from them.

Now they think that their business should magically grow. People are going to stumble upon their website and call their contact number. 

If you are that business owner, what I’m about to share will change the way you think.

So different that you’ll see the importance of continuously working on your website so that your business can scale. 

To recap the video, your website should do more than just explaining about your business. It should also:

  • Be a place for you to recruit employees where they can apply for a job
  • Be a source of inspiration where you write content that benefits your audience
  • Be a place where you offer FREE value in exchange of their email address
  • Collect orders from your customers
  • List FAQs or Instructions manual of your product

and to name a few..

You should understand that this is a long term project. And it will take more than just a month or two to build a really good website. 

Only then you can start working towards implementing features that not only will reduce your workload but help prepare your business to quantum growth.

I hope that this sharing benefit all of you. 

If you currently have a website and trying to understand how you can get more out of your website, feel free to contact us by requesting a FREE site audit. 

Here’s to helping you build a successful business!

5 Conversion Mistakes You’re Making with Your Website

Many new business owners often think that running ads to your site is the way to grow your business. Wrong, you need to first get your website right. If you are doing these 5 mistakes, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

If you are making any of these 5 mistakes chances, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. 

The mistakes are:

1. Treating your website like an encyclopedia


Your homepage contains 1001 links to all sort of pages. Visitors have no clue where to click and what to do once they land on your website. 

2. Dull and Boring Call to Action


Nobody wants to learn more about your business. They have to be inspired to take action. 

Change your main Call-to-Action into a benefit based writing, and watch your Click Through Rate increases!

3. Lack of Transparency


In this era where people have researching power, having 100% transparency in how you operate will set you apart. 

This is because when users have clarity on how to do business with you, 

They assume that you are the most trustworthy service provider/seller. Provide your audience with all the information they needed to make a decision. 

4. Not giving them the chance to get to know you


People that land on your page has a different motif. Some of them are ready to purchase and most are just scouting for prices. 

Apart from your main call to action, have a section where you offer a FREE service/trial for them to get try your service!

5. Not recording success stories


By far is the most important thing in getting people to purchase your product and service. 

Show how other people have benefited from your product(s) or service. 

Record videos, testimonials, case studies and any form of collaterals that you can show to potential customers. 

So if you noticed that you are doing any of these mistakes on your website, I plead you to start taking action to fix the issue. 

P/S: If you’d like to know more on how your website can be made into your business greatest asset,request a FREE site audit and we’ll go through your website together!