Six Types of Website Owners – Which Group Are You In?

We’ve served a lot of website owners to realize this.

That there are 6 types of website owners that exist today (at least that we countered so far).

1. The Big Picture Guy

Pros: These people are highly decisive and they understand the value of speed.

Cons: Because they are busy on the big picture things, most of the time, you get very abstract instructions and this slows down development time.

2. The “Show Me Everything” Guy

Pros: They make you feel like you’re on the right track when working with them

Cons: This doesn’t allow you to be creative and make you create a mediocre work

3. The Perfectionist

Pros: These guys give you great feedback. They have a perspective that can be very helpful in how you approach your website design.

Cons: However, It takes patience to deal with these type of people. A LOT of them

4. The “I know better than you” guy

Pros: Their past knowledge will help you create a highly converting website

Cons: Most of the time, you end up becoming their employee because they don’t value your opinion.

5. The “I’m Not So Sure” Guy

Pros: – (We can’t think of any).

Cons: Their indecisiveness makes you want to pull your hair out

6. The Dream Client

Pros: They are the best.

They value your time…

They brainstorm with you and value your opinion…

They understand that a good website is an ongoing, improvement process and they embodied the Website Artisan mindset.

Cons: They make you write articles like this 😛

Perfectionism Kills – a Story of how it affected our business

When I first started this business, I hit a wall.
It was a voice that holds me back for a long time…
It cost my business months and a lot of money

All because of this one whisper…
“Your design is not good enough”
You see, this was the voice that stopped me from marketing my business.
It was telling me that I wasn’t good enough…
so I kept revising my design, over and over…
BUT there was no ending…
I feel like I was still “not enough”
The reason I am telling you this because I know some of you are struggling too…
My friend, this the whisper that you need to be careful of…

Risk Reversal Strategy. Get people to say yes to your offer

When you ask for the sale on your website, what you’re doing is actually asking your potential customer to make a decision to impart with their hard earned money.

And this is the stage where most people are afraid.

All the sudden you find themselves overwhelmed by all the what if’s that ultimately lead you to say:

“I’ll do it some other day. Let me think about it.”

This is where your risk reversal strategy is important.

It acts as a guarantee to all the doubts that your prospects have.

So how do you do that on your website?

Here are some of the strategies…:

  • FREE X Days Return/ After sale Support/Maintenance
  • 110% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Support!
  • Risk-FREE Trial PeriodIf you invest in our program, we’ll give you a full 60-days to put it to the test. If you don’t feel that the marketing strategies you’ve learned in this course aren’t worth at least DOUBLE what you paid for it, than call my office and demand an immediate refund
  • Keep the bonus/product/service + Refund
  • Results In AdvanceFree Consultation, Free Audit, Free Strategy Session
  • Pay ONLY after you see results in the guaranteed period

For us, is the results in advance that has been generating leads for our business.

It’s a FREE site audit that helps you identify the mistakes you’re making on your site and what improvements are possible.

Once you have the guarantee, use it for a test group for your customers and see whether the sales increases!

Key Tip: The better the guarantee, the stronger the message to your customer telling them that you are so confident in your product/service, that you’re willing to lose if you don’t bring results

Using emotional words to establish a connection with your web visitors

We all know people buy your product because they have a problem they need to solve.

By writing the problems that your audience face, not only you attract their attention, but you’ll be able to establish a connection with them.

However, it’s not as easy as you think.

This is because there are three levels of problems that exist in people’s live.

External, Internal and Philosophical.

They are the driving factor of every human decision. Take a look at these examples:

  • Troy bought the latest fitness program because they want to feel confident during the prom night
  • Sir Andrew purchased the latest Rolls Royce Phantom because he loves the stares and smiles that he gets every time he pulls up the gas station.
  • Linda go to the marketing conference because she’s confused and scared that she might run out of business if she keeps the way things are

Do you see anything?

Most people buy because they have an internal problem they need to solve.

External Problem Internal Problem Philosophical
The problems that you can see on the outside
No customers, Poor Performance, low sales, expanding waist, low wages, Ugly
What the external problem is making them feel
Anxious, Low Confidence, Fear, Incompetence, Doesn’t fit in, Not respected
Why is it universally wrong to feel that (internal)
Good vs Evil Concept,Love triumphs all, Discovering one truest potential, Social acceptance

Where most business owners fall short is that they write their collaterals addressing customer’s external problem.

People don’t buy Porsche because they are fast and made in Germany. But they buy because of the prestige/feeling they get pulling in to the valet area with their Porsche!

Still doesn’t make a sense?

Just look at this brilliant example from

Pay close attention to the words used in this section.

Struggle, Complicated, Flop, Makes your brain hurt – these are the problems that people want to solve.


So start using the emotional words and start tapping into their internal frustration.

And watch people start enquiring for your service!

P/S: If you have a website and are unsure whether you are doing it right, we are offering a FREE Site Audit so you know how to make the most of your website. Click here now!

Having a website is no longer enough. You need more than that

If you are in business, chances are you already have a website.

You know the importance of it and hence you decided to build a website for your business.

So you hired a developer and told them about this.

A month later, they presented to you with the completed website and you are in awe on how beautiful your new site is.

Every day, you refresh your website, just to remind yourself of how good of a developer that you’ve hired.

Just that, there is a problem…

You don’t know how to get customers from the new website…

You start running Facebook ads to your homepage to see whether people will convert


You hire some guys to run Google Ad to your page

Still, Nothing happens…

Nobody calls your office or fills up your form….

If that’s you,don’t worry…

This article will help you turn things around. 

You will now know what to do in order to get customers to your website


So what is this one thing that you need to start getting more customers online to your website?

You need an offer..Yes, a good one

It’s something that you can give to you visitors that can convert them into a prospect

Take a look at a “Traditional Website Homepage” versus a “High Converting Website”.

Traditional Website
Picture 1: How most website would look
High Converting Landing Homepage
Picture 2: High Converting Homepage

See any difference? The High Converting Website has clear offer where they are offering “90% Discount for first time users”

The page also have:

  • Clear offer/benefit statement
  • Call to action buttons that are very clear

And here’s why it works these days:

  • People’s attention span is limited. Because of our need for instant gratification these days, you need to convince them to stay longer on your site and you do that via a high converting landing page. Normal homepage won’t cut it

What can you do to improve your website?

Download our ebook below and head to chapter 3. There, I explain to you how you can write a good offer that makes your audience wants to click and become a lead for your business!

Hope this helps!


How to get customers’ attention

In this era of noise, people are more distracted than ever. Advertisements everywhere, it seems like most people are immune to all these hard selling ads. How on earth can we get our customers to pay attention to what we offer? Watch this video to understand.

If you’re like me, you must be wondering…

How do you get customers to listen to you these days? Watch this.

The key to getting their attention is:

To Speak about the Problem

That’s how you get their attention. 

This is because the brain works relates well to problems.

In fact, in our daily lives, we are constantly doing something because we have a problem to solve.

So the next time someone asks you what do you do, tell them about the problem first before telling them what exactly you do.

It goes like this:

You know how most business owners struggle to get customers online? (problem)

We build websites that do just that!

Start implementing this and watch your business grows!

Pictures: What is best to put on your website

Photos speak a thousand words! Yes, as cliché as that is, the pictures you use on your website play an important role in helping to “convince” your audience.

I get asked a lot on this.

Fitri, what kind of pictures should I use on my website?

One aspect that most website owner overlook is showing how success looks like.

People want to be able to visualize how their life will be better off with your service/product. 

Your pictures should do that.

If you’re contemplating whether you are using the right photos, here are few questions that you should ask, to see whether you are on the right track:

  • What emotion is conveyed in this picture?
  • Is there any picture of success in this photo?
  • How can I relate this photo to my service/product?
If you can answer those three, kudos! You are using the right photos. 

If the answer is otherwise, you’ll need to find different photos to reflect those.

Resources to download free photos:

1. – My personal favourite. Lots of high quality, royalty-free photos

2. – Similar to Unsplash, but slightly less variety. 

3. –  My third favourite. 

SELLING TIP #1: Focus on the inner frustration

Most people think that selling is all about talking the features and addressing the problems that the customer is facing. It’s not!

Being a salesperson myself, I was told that the only way to sell is to focus on the problems.

While that is true to get their attention, I have come to a realisation that most people don’t buy rationally…

Most of the time, people make their buying decision based on emotions. 

Watch this video as I tell how to dramatically improve the way you sell and how you can apply the same concept to your website copywriting.

So if you look at your website. Ask yourself..

Are you addressing the inner frustration that your customer is facing? 

If yes, good job. 

If the answer is no. Here’s what you can do. 

Step 1: Brainstorm with your team 

Identify why is people buying your product? What feeling are they chasing after by getting your product. List all of them out and run them through your team

Step 2: Include Emotional Words on your Copy

Start replacing your headlines and subheadlines with emotional words in the copy of your website.

Step 3: Use the emotional story to close the deal

At the end of your sales pitch or presentation, sell your audience/prospects on the idea that you, again, understood their struggle and  will help them overcome that feeling. 

That you have your outrageous guarantee (Risk Reversal Strategy Article) to back their decision up in case they are hesitant. 

Hope that helps!

10X YOUR SALES: Implement Risk Reversal Strategy

When asking for money, what you’re doing is actually asking your customer to part ways with their hard earned money. This is why you need a risk reversal strategy to smoothen out the process!

You have steady flow of traffic to your site, but it seems like only a small  percentage is converting?

Watch this video.

Asking for your customer’s money is actually hard.

It’s asking them to part ways with their hard earned money. And during this moment, doubts and all sort of what-ifs comes into their mind.

That’s why you need a Risk Reversal Strategy, a no brainer guarantee that help silence the doubts and make your customer proceed with doing business with you.

What are some guarantees that you can offer?

  1. FREE after sale Support

  2. Full Year Guarantee instead of the usual 30 days

  3. TEST TRIAL – if you invest in our program, we’ll give you a full 60-days to put it to the test. If you don’t feel that the marketing strategies you’ve learned in this course aren’t worth at least DOUBLE what you paid for it, than call my office and demand an immediate refund

  4. 110% Money Back Guarantee

  5. Results in Advance-  Offer FREE Consultation/Audit and having them make the purchase decision after
Go back and think what sort of guarantees that you can implement and start testing the guarantee to a small group of your customers.
If you see a positive increase in orders/purchase/enquiries
You know you’re doing it right!

2 Important things you need to know before getting a website

At Website Artisan, we get asked a lot, what do i need to have before building a website.Watch this video and you’ll save yourself tons of money!

If you are new to all this Website development thing, this video is for you.

It saddens me to hear how many business owners out there who were taken advantage by agencies because they have no idea of these two things.

Business owners, the two things that you need to know before you build a website are:

1. Your Domain (Website Url)


In the video, I used the analogy of the car. Your website domain is  the “registration plate” for your business.

It will be the address that people will enter in their browser to go to your website. 

How it works is that you will check the availability of the domain name before you can purchase it. 

The cost?

If it is your first domain, the fee is as low as $3.99 USD. Sometimes its $0.99 USD. Once one year has passed the renewal fee is usually $12.00 USD.

Yes, it’s that cheap!

2. Your Host Server

Your host server is the “vehicle” that you will put your license plate on.  It’s the place that your developer will build (Host) your website on.

Here you have two choices:

a) Get your own server
b) Rent a space in your developer’s Server

We would recommend getting your own server because its much safer and is better for long term growth. 

The cost? A good server, bluehost costs around $6USD per month, That’s about $72USD a year. 

I hope this article shed light on your pursuit to get a trustable and reputable website development agencies. So if the agencies charge you anything way more than those figures,

You know they are taking advantage of you.