The why your website is not bringing you any business....

Why your website is a waste of money


Your visitor are clueless to your offer as there are so many distractions


Your visitors cannot relate how your products/service will make their life easier


You are not using your website as a platform to convert customers

At the end of the audit, You'll learn

  • What technical aspects is holding your website back: Where does your website stand from Google's perspective
  • What to include at the splash screen: How to attract visitors attention under 5-seconds and get them to scroll further
  • How to come up with a simple lead generator: How you can get visitors email address and turn them into prospects
  • How to build trust among your visitors: 2 elements that you need to have on your website to build trust
  • What to write on your homepage : A simple formula that we use at Website Artisan to write converting website copy


Get your site audited today and we’ll go through your website and pinpoint how you can improve them. 

Having a good website Shouldn't be hard

I understand there’s a lot of skepticism whether or not this audit is going to be helpful. Yes, if you own a website and are not getting any customers, you are leaving a lot of money on the table! We teach you how you can turn that around!

Need more convincing?

don’t take our word, listen to them..

I have been getting 3-4 enquiries everyday!

Before I met Fitri, I have no idea whatsoever on how to fully utilize my website. I thought it's something that is necessary because everything is online. After getting a website with him, I now know how to tell customers about what I do and direct them to my website and have them bring more customers!
Roshan Sekhar

Best of designer and marketer!

A bunch of cool guys to work with. In this era where you have access to so many free website builders, not many know how to design a website that will set you apart. I'm glad that I met Fitri. You are actually paying for both website developer and marketer when you get a website at Website Artisan!
Vissva Alan

Best web developer for if you want more customers!

I couldn't be more proud of my site. Everything about the website feels just right, from the design all the way to the way the information is presented. The best part is that I actually get people converting on the site! If you want more from your website, get in touch with Fitri!
Tyler J

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