Secret behind million-dollar websites

Do you know that all major websites share ONE thing in common…

When I say major websites, I mean the big boys… Spotify, Netflix, Dropbox, and Facebook.

Before I dive deep into the commonalities, I want you to look at these above-fold sections:

  1. Spotify
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2. Dropbox

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3. Netflix

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 4. Facebook

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 Here’s the secret…They figured this 3 things

1. Clear Explanation Of Their Value Proposition

Make no mistakes…This is not a coincidence

  • Spotify: Music For Everyone. Millions of Songs
  • Dropbox: Work Comes Together. Organize the team’s content. Reduce Distractions
  • Netflix: All of Netflix
  • Facebook: Facebook helps you connect and share

These brands understood the fact that people will leave the site if they don’t get it at first sight.

By clearly writing your value proposition, it tells the visitor

Hey, this is what we do and here’s how you can benefit from it”

This opens up that “Story Gap” that makes people go “Aha!” 

And this will make them want to do the next thing, which is…

2. Direct Call To Action

Next, these sites have direct Call-To-Action Button(s). 

When I say direct, I mean clear, tangible action that they want us to take. 

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 In case you can’t see it 

  • Spotify: Get Spotify Free
  • Dropbox: Try FREE for 30 Days
  • Netflix: Try 30 Days Free
  • Facebook: Create A New Account

Notice how they don’t write Discover More, Learn more & Scroll Down stuff here. 

By being clear with your CTA, you are telling people… 

Hey, if you like what we do, do this”

Boom, you get a new registration, new sign up, new leads

3. Contrasting Color for the Buttons

Last but not least, the colors of the buttons…

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Notice how you just instinctively know where to click?

I know some of you may be thinking, “This is common sense, Fitri”. 

…but clear color contrast of the buttons with the background is the secret

Not seeing a clear action button causes uncertainty in users and slows down their tasks…

This means confusion and this will cause them to not do what you want them to do and exit your site

[TASK] Show your website to a stranger and try to answer these 3 questions:

  • Do people understand what are you offering (Product/Service)?
  • Do you know why is it special?
  • Do you know what to do next?

If the answer is no, don’t worry. You can change them. 

Now, some of you probably are thinking…”Why do I need to do this, Fitri?”

Let me tell you why:

  • If you are a speaker, the moment you step on a stage, people will start investigating you. If they don’t get the value you bring to the table, that’s another lost sales there
  • If you run paid ads to your site, you have just wasted another marketing dollar
  • If you’re doing some sort of content marketing, your prospects will check on you when that one piece of content goes viral. And if your website is not convincing, you just lost another potential sale

And those are just some of the reasons why…

So go and take what’s yours…

If you need some examples, you can have a look at the websites we built at Website Artisan, and draw inspiration from there. 

Talk Soon!

Fitri Joroji

Landing Clients With Landing Pages

If you are not REAPING the benefits of a landing page, this short article is for you

But before that,

“A Well-Built Landing Page makes you money when you are asleep”

….they collect a database of your potential clients

……they convince your prospects to get something from you

………they show your credibility without you having to get on the phone with them

…………they filter out bad prospects and only give you warm, hot leads

…………….they make you money


You see, Landing Pages are totally different from your conventional web pages.

It has ONE purpose…. To CONVINCE potential customers to give their contact details in exchange for the offering given on that page 

Unlike a typical web page, It has almost ZERO distractions…No links to other pages, just buttons that make you want to scroll further



I’m 100% sure you are doing some sort of content marketing for your business

Heck, the fact that you’re reading this far…shows that you believe in content marketing

BUT….Have you asked yourself?

How do I get potential clients to Message me and enquire about my product/service?”

That’s where a landing page comes in….


I truly believe that you need to give something first…before you can get back

Unless you are a celebrity and you can command customers at a flick of a finger, you MUST give value in advance.

Let me illustrate…Imagine this scenario:

  1. You are a Financial Consultant – You post a video about this Little Known Trick that is going to save your business owners client RM50,000 a year in tax
  2. At the end of that video, you call out your potential clients, telling them that

“Hey, if you are a new business owner, go and download your FREE Financial Health Checklist, that helps them assess their financial health”. 

You show the link to that landing page…and asked them to take action

What do you think is going to happen if your videos get watched by 10,000 people?

…out of that 10,000, there must be at least 1000 business owners

….out of that 1,000, maybe 150 are new in the business

……and out of that 150, maybe 10 will watch the video till the end and find themselves at your landing page

And when they do, you’ll find yourself waking up to a bunch of email addresses of people whom you can call up and offer them your solution.


“But Fitri, what I do I offer if I don’t have any?”

Answer: Any of these

  • Free Strategy Session
  • Your Little Known Secret PDF
  • Cheatsheet to shortcut a result
  • Video training series
  • FREE Sample & Product Demo & Trial
  • Scripts & Templates that will save them hours

“But…here’s the thing. I don’t know how to create one. Can you help?”

Yes, in fact, that’s something that we at Website Artisan specializes in. We’ve helped many businesses create landing pages that get them the leads that they need for their business.

So if you run a business, and you are not getting any leads from your website, I can help.

However…there’s a process to this.

And we need you to follow that so we can help you to our best ability.

1. Schedule A Call with us

2. We’ll agree on a date

3. And then we’ll propose to you how we can help and its fee 

Sounds cool?

Speak to you soon!