How Do You Storytell via A Website?

At Website Artisan, we are always fascinated by how powerful a landing page can be if done right.

Just like this one.

In this case, this one-page landing page helped our client doubled his revenue and scaled his business.

If you have a service and it is the bread and butter of your business, prepare a pen an paper as I’m going to break down this website and explain to you our thought process when it comes to coming up with this page.


1. The Above-the-fold Content

No alt text provided for this image

3 key things here:

1. People must know what your website is about in the first 3 -5 seconds upon landing on your page

Notice that in the photo above, we explicitly wrote: “Get Better Photos for Your Graduation Day”.

And we used photos of real people graduating to support that statement.

2. You must be able to convey what’s unique about your service at this part. Whatever your USP is, make sure you tell/give a hint about it here

We utilized the subheading to explain what is unique. In this case, it was stated that we helped you get better photos to post on social media etc….at an affordable cost!

3. Clear, direct Call-to-Action. Otherwise, you’ll risk of people leaving the website because they don’t know where to click & what to do next.

The “Book My Slot” the obviously the ONLY button that we want people to click

Nothing else.

2. The Villain

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You see, every good story should have a villain.

Noticed how bland a superhero movie can get if there is no villain in the picture.

So, we identified the villain to be the “Traditional Graduation Photographer” and created this section to “get people” on our side.

Well…not really to convince them to join our side.

Deep down, we already know that they are frustrated with the “Villain”, who are charging a lot of money for just a normal photo that everybody can take.

So we just call these people out.

3. Social Proof

No alt text provided for this image

Very straightforward, this is where you explain that you, as the solution, has been there and helped people who are experiencing the same problem.

Some of you might say:

“…But fitri, written testimonials don’t work anymore these days”

Yes, this is why we put this section right below it.

No alt text provided for this image

It does two things:

  • It shows that you are not just talking BS about the “solution” that you offer
  • Show them, “Look, these are the things that you might miss out if you don’t go with us..”

4. Packages

No alt text provided for this image

Pretty self-explanatory. We included the pricing because we don’t want people to go back and forth asking us what’s the price etc.

5. Risk Reversal Strategy

No alt text provided for this image

Then, we tell them,

Look if you don’t like your photos, you can let us know…We’ll refund your money

This is how we reversed the risk of doing business with us. Instantly, booking your slot becomes a no brainer offer.

6. A little Backstory to establish rapport

No alt text provided for this image

Here we included a short story of the founder and how he came about with this offer.

The goal? Is to establish that “Hey, we’ve been there and we know how frustrating it is…Therefore, we don’t want you to go through the same thing”

7. Action Plan

No alt text provided for this image

Here, we tell people that doing business is not that difficult.

So we laid out a simple step-by-step to guide them to “book their slot”

Noticed how we included an element of scarcity in the headline?

8. Book Now

No alt text provided for this image

This is where tech comes in handy.

Here, the customers were able to pick their slots, fill up their details and set a calendar reminder.

Not only this eases up the signup process, but the booking infrastructure also saved our client a LOT of time.

Because things are now automated.

9. The results?

The results are phenomenal. The clients sold out all the slots within 3 days and this page has helped him doubled his revenue.

Here’s a short video testimonial of our client:


So yeah, that’s how you can story tell on your website and when done right can be a gamechanger for your business.

If you are a service-based entrepreneur/business and you are struggling with getting leads/converting traffic on your website, you can send me a message or email me at [email protected]

Here’s to helping you build a kickass website!

How to write a GOOD headline on your website


First, thanks for support you guys gave for the previous articles.

Here’s another one that I thought I’d share with all you…Especially you! fellow business owners.

When I first started, this was the copy that I wrote as the headline on my website

“Delivering Custom Web Solutions for your needs”

Sounds fancy, isn’t it?

Well, it does….. just that it DOESN’T work…

Come on, you can be honest with me…What does delivering custom web solutions even mean?

Argghhh… how stupid I was

Till today, my partner still makes fun of me because of that. 

Now, let me explain to you why it doesn’t work. 

You see, it has everything to do with the way the brain works.

No alt text provided for this image

“The brain’s main function is to Survive & Thrive” – Donald Miller

  • Survive: do things so that we don’t die (food, shelter)
  • Thrive: increase social status (wealth, longevity)

So, when it comes to writing copy on the website, this means that whatever information you put/write out there has to either:

  1. Help the reader survive (ie. get food, make money or shelter)
  2. Thrive (higher social status, get better partners etc)

Otherwise, people will tune out.

In my case, I was writing a headline that nobody understands!

So, after realizing that…I rewrote the headline: 

No alt text provided for this image

Get A Website That Works

We help business owners build a high-converting website that turns visitors into potential clients! 

 Very straightforward, but we were seeing positive results!

  • People we spending 20% longer time on our website
  • We were getting leads from the website..People were actually filling up our forms
  • And….our business starts growing!

Funny thing is, this does not only on my website, when people ask me what I do, I tell them our headline!

We help business owners build a high-converting website that turns visitors into potential clients! 

Works all the time!!!

So how can you improve your headline?

Here’s a simple test. 

Show your website to a complete stranger and if they can’t answer these 3, time to change your headline:

  1. What is this website selling
  2. Who is it for and how can we benefit from it?
  3. What is the next action to take if I’m interested?

Take a look at some of these examples:

No alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image

 Do you see a common thread?

They all answered the 3 questions…very damn well

So if you find yourself using fancy words that nobody understands, please please PLEASE…

Change it to something like in the pictures above…Otherwise, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

If you find yourself struggling to come up with the right headline, you can hit me up, We’ll go through your website and tell you how you can write headlines that work!

**See what I just did there??** Hihi


How to Stop Losing Potential Sales On Your Website

The way you write the headline on your website can dramatically (like….DRA-MA-TICALLY) change the outcome.  

You see, your website is no different from any marketing piece, it has words and pictures that people have to go through. 

Before they decide whether this thing (which in this case) is the website, is FOR them or NOT for them. 

My fellow LinkedIn-ers, what if you could improve the time spent on your website by 25%? Would that mean an increase in your potential “conversion rate”?  

…and 25% is an extremely conservative estimate. The results that I’ve seen are usually 75% to 300% improvements.  

That’s the intention of this writing: To help you utilize good copy on your website so you don’t leave any money on the table…and tell you how we can help

Typically, people associate copywriting only with social media writing and advertisements, but that’s a serious mistake. You should apply the rules and psychology of copywriting onto your website.

Especially at your main page.

Just take a look at these two versions of a webpage.

No alt text provided for this image

Version 1

“Digital Marketing Agency | Branding | Interactive Platforms”

We create innovative and effective handcrafted Digital Marketing Campaigns.

[View Our Works]

No alt text provided for this image

Version 2

“Viral Digital Marketing Campaigns That Get People Talking About You”

We help fashion brands create wildly viral digital marketing campaigns that are proven to generate on average 350% ROI

[Book A Discovery Call]

What do you see?

Which one are you most likely to click if you happen to be a fashion brand owner?

Yeppp…you guess it right!

Version 2! 

Not only you UNDERSTOOD CLEARLY what is the website about, but you also know WHAT TO DO if you are interested.


 Now I’m pretty sure that you are ALREADY doing some sort of copywriting work with your business. Imagine if your website becomes your “sales letter”, rather than just a mere page with a bunch of information about you.

  • How much more effective your marketing would be?  
  • How many more visitors you would be able to convert?


  • How many more visitors are you going to just let go simply because you were not able to catch their attention and pique their interest with your copy?

Well, this happens to be the specialty skill we’ve been paid for over the years at website artisan:

Turning a normal webpage into one that works!

There’s 2 ways we teach people how to do this:

1.) The free way (for people just getting started): 

I make it a promise to myself that I’ll share more articles to teach you guys about the stuff that we’ve learned over the past few years.  

My articles may not be written in the most polished English, but I put hella effort into writing them, and I believe you can learn A LOT from them.  

2.) The paid way (for people who want to improve their website with expert help):

  • We help figure out how best to “Storytell” on your website
  • We sit down and strategize how you can use your website as part of your sales tool
  • We help you create a sick design around your We help you create a sick design around it
  • And last but not least we help you figure out how you can tell entertaining but informational stories that eventually get people to your front door. 

What Can I Do Next?

  1. Get our free Website Audit! This is an offer that we have for people like you, who are on the fence. Basically, we’ll go through your existing website and point out how we can improve it…in a video! Words, by words…Section by sections. Just between me and you, so nobody will know the trade secrets that I’ll share in that video. 
  2. Get in touch with us. If you’re serious in getting a website overhaul, and needed a good reputable partner, book a meeting with us. We’ll meet up (f2f or virtually)…Chat about the weather,  go through your website and talk about how we can help. 

Talk soon!

Fitri Joroji

Killing It On Social Media? Here’s how you can get potential customers to show up at your front door (a.k.a Your Website)

“Educate, Call, Repeat”

Those are the words that echoed in mind everytime I’m writing or posting something on social.

…it’s the best advice that has helped me grow my business via social media.

(Disclaimer: The strategy that I’m about to share has helped me and the majority of my b2b clients attract leads to their business..but I don’t guarantee it will for yours)


I’ll break it down in this article

Like you, I run a business and I’m very religious when it comes to creating content (…at least that’s what I keep telling myself)

When I first started, I was posting a lot of stuff but I wasn’t getting any inquiries. 

—There were likes

—– There were shares

——– People were commenting

But…there were ZERO inquiries. Nobody asked me about my service.

About one year in, I got frustrated

…I told myself, “Nahhhh, maybe this social media marketing thing isn’t for me. I’ll just run paid ads against people who need a website”

Out of that frustration, I went on Instagram and found myself on one of Dean Graziosi’s post.

No alt text provided for this image

In that post, he talked about how his livestream with Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson broke the internet…

And that the replay is available only for a short period of time…

…I got curious so I CLICKED the link in his bio

No alt text provided for this image

And what happens next was a revelation. 

No alt text provided for this image

I find myself watching a 40-minute video that explains on a new opportunity that all new entrepreneurs should not miss.

My curiosity went 100X by that time and because of that, I stayed until the end of that video.

And this was what I was presented with at the end.

No alt text provided for this image

Obviously, I skipped the offer because I was not the right audience for that product

…BUT…something ticked in me

How did one post on social media got me into this place where I’m now contemplating whether or not I should buy this product?…Geez”

I thought to myself, I should start doing the same thing!

So I created this one landing page that offer to audit people’s website….For FREE

No alt text provided for this image

The pitch was simple…

“Traditional websites are no longer working…If you want to let us “diagnose” your website, fill up that form.”

At the same time, I started Calling the offer at the end of my postings on social media.

No alt text provided for this image

The results?

I had over 15 leads in just one month’s time…purely from social media.

No ad, no nothing!

No alt text provided for this image

Aha! This is interesting… I thought to myself

So I started implementing the same strategy to some of our clients. 

We created a landing page with an offer and use social media to drive organic traffic to the page.

…and they saw increase in leads!

No alt text provided for this image

So the strategy worked! (At least for me and my clients)

  • Create a landing page with an OFFER (preferably free)
  • Call the offer at the end of the postings
  • Get their details

Cool, but fitri….how can I apply this strategy if I don’t have a landing page?

Well, there are 2 ways:

  1. Get your landing page done today. You can go with Website Artisan or any other agency that offers landing page service.
  2. Start Calling out your FREE offer and get people to engage with it. Instead of using a landing page, you can get people to comment on something and you can follow up with them afterward. Key is Value In Advanced

Hope this article helps!

P/S: If you’re serious in getting our help, please reach out to me or send an inquiry on our website. We’ll go through your current website and let you know how we can improve on it and implement the same strategy that is going to brings people to your front door! Cheers