Risk Reversal Strategy. Get people to say yes to your offer

When you ask for the sale on your website, what you’re doing is actually asking your potential customer to make a decision to impart with their hard earned money.

And this is the stage where most people are afraid.

All the sudden you find themselves overwhelmed by all the what if’s that ultimately lead you to say:

“I’ll do it some other day. Let me think about it.”

This is where your risk reversal strategy is important.

It acts as a guarantee to all the doubts that your prospects have.

So how do you do that on your website?

Here are some of the strategies…:

  • FREE X Days Return/ After sale Support/Maintenance
  • 110% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Support!
  • Risk-FREE Trial PeriodIf you invest in our program, we’ll give you a full 60-days to put it to the test. If you don’t feel that the marketing strategies you’ve learned in this course aren’t worth at least DOUBLE what you paid for it, than call my office and demand an immediate refund
  • Keep the bonus/product/service + Refund
  • Results In AdvanceFree Consultation, Free Audit, Free Strategy Session
  • Pay ONLY after you see results in the guaranteed period

For us, is the results in advance that has been generating leads for our business.

It’s a FREE site audit that helps you identify the mistakes you’re making on your site and what improvements are possible.

Once you have the guarantee, use it for a test group for your customers and see whether the sales increases!

Key Tip: The better the guarantee, the stronger the message to your customer telling them that you are so confident in your product/service, that you’re willing to lose if you don’t bring results

Using emotional words to establish a connection with your web visitors

We all know people buy your product because they have a problem they need to solve.

By writing the problems that your audience face, not only you attract their attention, but you’ll be able to establish a connection with them.

However, it’s not as easy as you think.

This is because there are three levels of problems that exist in people’s live.

External, Internal and Philosophical.

They are the driving factor of every human decision. Take a look at these examples:

  • Troy bought the latest fitness program because they want to feel confident during the prom night
  • Sir Andrew purchased the latest Rolls Royce Phantom because he loves the stares and smiles that he gets every time he pulls up the gas station.
  • Linda go to the marketing conference because she’s confused and scared that she might run out of business if she keeps the way things are

Do you see anything?

Most people buy because they have an internal problem they need to solve.

External Problem Internal Problem Philosophical
The problems that you can see on the outside
No customers, Poor Performance, low sales, expanding waist, low wages, Ugly
What the external problem is making them feel
Anxious, Low Confidence, Fear, Incompetence, Doesn’t fit in, Not respected
Why is it universally wrong to feel that (internal)
Good vs Evil Concept,Love triumphs all, Discovering one truest potential, Social acceptance

Where most business owners fall short is that they write their collaterals addressing customer’s external problem.

People don’t buy Porsche because they are fast and made in Germany. But they buy because of the prestige/feeling they get pulling in to the valet area with their Porsche!

Still doesn’t make a sense?

Just look at this brilliant example from Storybrand.com:

Pay close attention to the words used in this section.

Struggle, Complicated, Flop, Makes your brain hurt – these are the problems that people want to solve.


So start using the emotional words and start tapping into their internal frustration.

And watch people start enquiring for your service!

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