How to capture visitors attention on your website in 5 seconds

If you confuse, you lose. Here’s a simple technique on how you can capture the attention of your audience in the first 5 seconds, so that they can scroll down further

If you watched any of my over videos, you will realise that the number one mistake that most website owners make is putting too many links in their website. 

Here’s a video on how you can overcome this problem!

How to overcome this problem. When writing your headline at the first page of your website, make sure to include this:

  • Your Offer
  • The Benefits
  • The Call to Action

Let’s go through them one by one. 

1. Your Offer

People should know the service /product that you’re selling the moment they land of your website.

You do that by writing in simple english, the service or product(s) that you offer.

2. The Benefits

People buy or do business with you because they are solving a problem. And the problem may not necessarily be an external problem. 

It could be something internal, something that you don’t see on the outside. 

So if you don’t specify the problems that you’re solving, they’ll most likely will not see the point of doing business with you.

3. The Call-To-Action

Now that you have gotten their attention with a well written offer and benefits, what’s next?

You include a Call-To-Action. 

And it has to be clear and straight to the point. Avoid unclear CTA’s like “Learn More”, “Let’s chat” or “Scroll Down”. Instead use:

  • Schedule A Call
  • Book a Free Session
  • Order Now
  • Start Free 14-Days Trial
  • etc.

After you do this, a simple exercise that you can do is to find a stranger and show the website and after 5 seconds, ask them these questions:

  • What do the website offer?
  • What benefit does the offer bring you?
  • How to take action?

If you have an answer to all those three, you are on the right track!

P/s: If you own a website and are still struggling to convert users, you can request a FREE site audit and we’ll go through your existing website. 

Site Audit: How to write a CLEAR offer that people click

When visitors land on your site. You have less than 5 seconds to get their attention before they exit your site. In this posting, we’ll go through a website and audit how we can create a compelling offer

In this posting, we audited a local website to show how they can write a clear offer on their homepage.

At Website Artisan, we understood the power of messaging. 

and how it can be a differentiator between you and your competitor. 

Often times, we find ourselves writing or explaining our business from our point of view. We make mistakes like:

  • Writing features instead of benefit
  • Not explaining our offering on our homepage
  • Using complex jargon instead that our layman terms 

and to name a few. 

In this video above, you’ll see how we turn this website around by writing a clear offer that allows visitors to understand the business easily.

If you have a website and are struggling with your messaging, request a FREE site audit we’ll go through your website. 

Mindset Shift: How to have a website that grows your business!

Most people think that their website is just a one time thing. I hire a developer, but a simple website and there you go!

You’re wrong. A great website is a long term project that allow the business to scale

If you want more out of your website, you should adopt this way of thinking

If you think your website is a one time project, you are not going to go far.

Most business owners that I met have the mentality that since everyone is online, therefore I need a website!

So they go out and ask their friends for recommendations and before long, they got someone to build the website. 

The developer quoted them, they agreed. And off the development go!

After about a month, the developer handed over the website and that’s the last time they hear from them.

Now they think that their business should magically grow. People are going to stumble upon their website and call their contact number. 

If you are that business owner, what I’m about to share will change the way you think.

So different that you’ll see the importance of continuously working on your website so that your business can scale. 

To recap the video, your website should do more than just explaining about your business. It should also:

  • Be a place for you to recruit employees where they can apply for a job
  • Be a source of inspiration where you write content that benefits your audience
  • Be a place where you offer FREE value in exchange of their email address
  • Collect orders from your customers
  • List FAQs or Instructions manual of your product

and to name a few..

You should understand that this is a long term project. And it will take more than just a month or two to build a really good website. 

Only then you can start working towards implementing features that not only will reduce your workload but help prepare your business to quantum growth.

I hope that this sharing benefit all of you. 

If you currently have a website and trying to understand how you can get more out of your website, feel free to contact us by requesting a FREE site audit. 

Here’s to helping you build a successful business!